I want to be strong. I want to be confident. I want to be ready to handle any obstacle. I want to shoot a bow & arrow. I want to lift heavy objects. I want to climb tall buildings. I want to fly. I want to be a warrior. 

You can. In just 6 weeks we'll turn you into a Super Hero! Fly over walls, climb ropes, hoist sandbags, shoot a bow & arrow, carry heavy objects when you compete in your first obstacle course event. 

We'll prepare you with the skills, strength, stamina & strategy to dominate! All you have to do is commit! Sign up below to secure your spot on our next Obstacle Course Racing Team! The event takes place on August 12th, 2017. 

Our 6 week Obstacle Course Training Team Includes: 

> 6 race specific clinics covering obstacle & race strategies you MUST know, taught by our extremeley knowledgable Professional Coaches who are both Elite level OCR racers & carry a number of certifications between them including being Obstacle Course Certified. 

 >Exclusive race specific workouts taking place on Saturday Mornings at 6am as a team where you'll connect, support & be inspired by your fellow teammates. Do it for the Cameraderie alone!

> A 6-week Super Hero Training Schedule taking all of the guess work out of your race prep. We guarantee you'll be ready! 

> Exclusive Results Fitness OCR Race Shirt!

> A designated coach on race day to be there to support you & coach you through the race from warm up to finish line!

Your training begins on 

July 1st, 2017 // 5:45AM PST

Your training begins in: